By embracing the traditional Aboriginal worldview (including the 7 grandfather teachings) of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and Intellectual/mental, the purpose of the staff and employees of the Red Rock Indian Band is to:

Physical Identify and build the necessary community infrastructure that ensures a healthy and safe work environment for staff and employees allowing exclusive focus of staff on service to community members;

Emotional Work collaboratively with one another and partners to provide staff with the support and organizational processes required to build an organization that meets the growing needs of the community becoming a model for First Nation community service and development through organizational learning;

Spiritual Ensure inclusion of traditional teachings and traditional activities in the day to day operations of the administrative organization while respecting the spiritual beliefs of individual staff and community members including Elder involvement;

Intellectual / Mental Recognizing the unique demands of working in an environment where community clients and band employees are heavily connected to one another, provide the necessary support structures that allow staff the ability to heal, learn, and grow as an effective team.


Nominees for Chief and Council 2017

Posted on August 10, 2017

Red Rock Indian Band Nominees for Chief and Council   Dupuis, Matt Kwisses, Susan Lesperance,… Read more >


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