Early History

History tells us that members of the Red Rock Indian Band once lived in different locations on and around Lake Nipigon. Historically, members are known to have lived at Jackfish Island, Gull Bay, and McIntyre Bay (English Mission Church) also called Grand Bay. 



On February 2nd 1885 the Crown surveyed 640 acres of land along the Nipigon River for the purpose of establishing a reserve land base. On March 20th 1885 INAC approved the First Chief of the Red Rock Indian Band, Chief Peter Deschamp. On March 26th 1886 the Band received 480 acres for their land base. It became an Indian Reserve under the Indian Act in 1914. There were 166 Band Members as of April 15th 1886. Today there are over 1800 Red Rock Indian Band members.

St. Sylvester’s Church was built in 1877, which was a Jesuit Mission. The first recorded burial was October 3rd 1880. The grave yard is adjacent to the church and people are still buried there regularly. Although a historical landmark, the Church is no longer used as the building structure is unsafe.