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The Red Rock Indian Band (RRIB) is an Ojibwe First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The Council is an independent member of Union of Ontario Indians, a Tribal Political Organization. There are 107 homes on reserve with a population of 323 residents. In addition, more than 1500 live off reserve. The traditional Ojibwe name for the Band is Opwaaganasiniing which means pipestone in the locative voice.

Chief & Council

Chief Edward Wawia

1st Councillor Sean Ruth

2nd Councillor Matthew Dupuis

3rd Councillor Susan Kwisses

4th Councillor Allan Odawa Jr.

Chief and Council consists one (1) Chief, four (4) Councilors and one (1) Honorary Councillor that govern the Red Rock Indian Band. Term of office is two (2) years, for which they are elected under Band Custom. Along with being the political body for the Red Rock Indian Band, Chief and Council are responsible for the overall administration of the Band. The Red Rock Indian Band Chief & Council are elected to administer the day to day operation of the Band office. Band elections are governed under Band Custom.


Next General Election


General Band Meetings

General Band meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month. Band meetings are held at Lake Helen Resource Centre and start at 7 pm. All Band members are urged to attend if possible. 


Traditional Activities & Community Events

  • Pow Wow
  • Fall Harvest
  • Aboriginal Day Activities
  • Salmon Derby


Nominees for Chief and Council 2017

Posted on August 10, 2017

Red Rock Indian Band Nominees for Chief and Council   Dupuis, Matt Kwisses, Susan Lesperance,… Read more >


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