Band Administrator – Priscilla Atkinson

Finance Assistant - Tina Sorensen

Band Manager - Kelly Paakkunainen

Reception - Cynthia Sabourin


Band Administrator & Finance Assistant: 

Under the direction of Chief and Council, the Band Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Band office. 

  • Administering the finances of the Band
  • Keep accounts of all financial transactions
  • Prepare financial reports for funding agencies
  • Keep safe all books, documents, records and funds
  • Prepare annual budgets of expenditure and revenue
  • Ensure that all requirements for the annual audit are met
  • Issue receipts and cheques
  • Recording transactions on journal ledgers
  • Pay and record all accounts payable
  • Record all accounts receivable
  • Prepare payroll
  • Band deposits
  • Assisting in drafting Band Council Resolutions
  • Report to all levels of government 


Band Manager:

  • oversee business development, band operations, and office management.
  • ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the Band Office.
  • foster communication and connections with the community while providing leadership to a team of managers and employees.
  • Implement strategies to enhance operational efficiencies.
  • Prepare letters and reports, contributing to effective communication within the organization.
  • Manage crisis events with a strategic approach, referring to department heads as needed for resolution and mitigations.
  • Fill in for other functional areas as required, demonstrating adaptability and versatility.
  • Undertake any other related duties contributing to the overall efficiency and success of the Band Office operations.
  • Ensure effective communication with Council to successfully implement the Strategic Plan.
  • Prepare comprehensive briefings and reports to facilitate informed decision-making.
  • Assist Council in assembling third-party protocols, contributing to the establishment of clear and efficient procedural frameworks.
  • Develop and draft a variety of policies for Council consideration.
  • Implement and monitor approved policies and bylaws.
  • Oversee all aspects of financial management for the First Nation.
  • Take proactive measures based on audit, evaluation, and other objective performance information.
  • Analyze financial and performance data to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the First Nations' overall health and operational effectiveness.
  • Manage costs by reviewing and approving expenditures and invoices.
  • Ensure staff compliance with established policies and standard practice instructions, providing guidance and support, as necessary.
  • Foster trust and effective relationships with all employees.
  • Role model effective, equitable, and inclusive internal communication.
  • Delegate responsibilities with a focus on developing the team.
  • Establish standards for program and service delivery.
  • Ensure appropriate expenditure of program funds and timely submission of reports to funding agencies.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and their delivery.
  • Collaborate with Chief, Council, and the community to identify community needs regarding activities.
  • Formulate plans to address identified needs and implement actionable strategies.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled community meetings and the Annual General Assembly.
  • Establish effective communication with Community Members, acting as a liaison to keep community members informed and updated on pertinent issues and activities.
  • Attend and actively support community functions, fostering positive relationships and community cohesion.
  • Collaborate with strategic alliances to fulfill administration objectives.
  • Implement communication strategies for effective engagement with partners and external organizations.


  • First Point contact
  • Creates a welcoming environment by greeting guests
  • Answering phone calls
  • Directing visitors to the proper department
  • Creates and distributes emails, memos
  • Pick up and distribute mail 
  • Schedules and maintains the Calendar of booking for Boardroom, Resource Centre, Chalet Lodge
  • Attends and records General Band meetings
  • Transcribes General Band meeting minutes
  • Prepares bi-weekly Newsletter