Consultation Policy

Effective consultation should occur early and throughout any decision making process. Each consultation also needs to be designed in conjunction with our First Nation to meet the unique demands of the situation and to allow for adequate time to conduct the consultation process.

Red Rock Indian Band has developed a clear Consultation Policy which seeks to address several core principles:

  • Our First Nation and its members have a right to contribute to and be informed about key decisions affecting their territory.
  • Our community should be provided with adequate information in order to make informed decisions.
  • Appropriate and timely opportunities are to be provided for our people to gain access to information and to be involved.
  • Every First Nation and community member has their own values and ideas according to personal culture and belief systems.
  • An understanding and respect for Red Rock Indian Band history and culture will support effective communication.
  • All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

In the summer of 2009, the Red Rock Indian Band conducted a comprehensive analysis of requirements related to consultation activities.  This analysis was based on existing legislation and policy requirements and resulted in the creation of the Red Rock Indian Band Consultation Policy “MinoGaabo" "Standing straight-be straight forward-walk the straight path”.  

A primary consideration states that proponents of resource based activities should work with the RRIB well in advance of exploration activities while they are visioning and/or planning, and that the consultation process should be planned, implemented, and managed by the RRIB.  Furthermore, despite being originally focussed on formal consultation process, the policy applies to “all activities with third parties who wish to conduct resource based business activities in Red Rock Indian Band traditional territory”, and that “our traditional territory will be determined by the Red Rock Indian Band”.

The RRIB Consultation Policy has seven (7) activities:  

  1. Promotion/awareness
  2. Pre-consultation
  3. Consultation process design
  4. Consultation process (done together with partner)
  5. Accommodation
  6. Evaluation and feedback
  7. Follow-up

Additionally, it includes specific filing requirements and specific timeframes for each activity.  The policy is designed to ensure a strong on-going relationship with potential partners in an environment of mutual learning that would lead to a long term mutually beneficial business partnership.  The Red Rock Indian Band's goal is long term and viable business relationships that can bring economic development benefits to our community members while meeting band members desire to live in balance with the environment.

Critical in the success of this approach is ensuring that proponent timeframes and regulatory frameworks can be met.  This requires strong process design that considers, respects, and balances the needs of potential business partners and community members.  This process must also meet due diligence and answer the important question:  "Did we do everything we could to engage with our community members?"  

Consulting proactively with the Red Rock Indian Band and its membership is essential for organizations who want to work with the RRIB.