RRIB Projects include:

  • Red Rock Construction Logistics and Aggregates
  • Economic Development Strategic Plan Update
  • Wild Rice Initiative
  • The Chalet Lodge
  • Lake Helen Community Gas & Variety
  • Commercial Properties/Real estate Investments 
  • East West Tie Transmission Project
  • Aquaculture Development
  • Marble Quarry


Red Rock Construction Logistics and Aggregates

In 2016, the Red Rock Indian Band was able to secure blast rock material from the Ministry of Transportation for the potential to crush, grade and sell to local industries. This has led to the creation of the Lake Helen Aggregates business with a goal to supply quality aggregate products to be utilized for local infrastructure projects in the region. Throughout the years prior to fruition, the Red Rock Indian Band has been working with industry experts to identify the best viable options to process and sell their aggregates asset. In its first year, the business proved to be a viable business that had the potential for growth and long-term sustainability. Crushing of the materials began in June 2018. We are also looking to work with various highway construction and highway maintenance programs in our region to continue to grow this business.

Economic Development Strategic Plan Update 

The Economic Development Strategic Plan project is now complete. The full document can be viewed under the RRIB members page. The plan will assist the Red Rock Indian Band(RRIB) in maintaining, developing, and implementing projects that will have an everlasting impact on the community economy. Having an up to date Economic Development Strategic Plan will help RRIB to successful map out the future of each project and bring them to completion. 

Wild Rice Initiative

The Wild Rice Initiative is an opportunity in which the Red Rock Indian Band is currently looking to develop a feasibility study for the development of a wild rice cultivation and processing operation. The study will contain information to determine the viability of the operation in our area such as product demand, market conditions, potential partnerships, risks and probability of success. The overall goals of this project are to provide significant and measurable benefits to RRIB with regards to socio-cultural and economic sustainability.

The Chalet Lodge

The Red Rock Indian Band has always shown an interest in the acquisition of the Chalet Lodge which is adjacent to and on the south side of Lake Helen Reserve. In 2009 that dream became a reality. The purchase of the property will allow for growth of our land base. The Chalet Lodge will be a venue for the Red Rock Indian Band to promote our Anishinaabe culture, history and life ways through Economic Growth, Education, and Training opportunities. The Chalet Lodge will also create potential small business opportunities in the long term for the First Nation People of the Red Rock Indian Band.

In June 2017, the Additions to Reserve (ATR) has been approved. Chalet Lodge Property is now officially Reserve Property. The official announcement had taken place August 28, 2017 with government officials in attendance.

The Chalet Lodge and property consists of 22 acres of land, a lodge building of approximately 3500 sq. feet, 6 usable cabins with washroom/shower in each. 1 cabin is 100% accessible. The property is serviced with electricity, water, and sewage (septic tanks). The Red Rock Indian Band is currently working on moving this economic initiative forward.

Lake Helen Community Gas & Variety

In 2015, the Red Rock Indian Band purchased the existing gas station because of its potential for economic benefits to the community as it is in a prime location. The Red Rock Indian Band held community engagement events to identify our priorities as a community when it comes to building a new gas station. In 2020, a business plan was developed to identify, describe and analyze the opportunity, as well as exam the technical, economic and financial feasibility of the proposed business expansion. After careful consideration of the business plan, it was deemed that the project is worthwhile. We are now proceeding with seeking tenders to complete the design and build stages of the new gas station project.

Commercial Properties/Real Estate Investments

The Red Rock Indian Band has purchased on and off reserve commercial properties. They own and lease offices in Nipigon, Red Rock and Thunder Bay. In 2008, the Red Rock Indian Band purchased an office building in the Township of Red Rock. Since that time, a forestry company has leased the office space. The band purchased and renovated the old Elk Hall in the Township of Nipigon and has signed a 10 year lease with a community organization. In 2008, the Red Rock Indian Band also purchased and renovated an old school in the city of Thunder Bay. This building has since been utilized by a community organization that has committed to a 10 year lease as well. Long term leases will help pay for the purchase of the properties and provide long term income for the Band.

East West Tie Transmission Project

The proposed East-West Tie (EWT) project involves the construction of a new transmission line between Wawa and Shuniah, near Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario. The line will cross through or pass by numerous municipalities and First Nations along the north shore. The transmission project will provide a more reliable electricity supply and support future economic development activities in the region. Industrial activities in Northwestern Ontario, particularly in the mining sector, will demand improved electricity supply in the coming years. 

On January 30, 2019, NextBridge Infrastructure LP was awarded the construction of the East-West Tie (EWT) by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The Leave to Construct (LTC) approval allows NextBridge to proceed immediately with the construction of a new transmission line.  Supercom will ensure maximum employment and economic benefits for the six proximate First Nations from the East West Tie. Opportunities include the procurement of materials, services and labour from First Nations.

Supercom Industries LP (“Supercom”) is a 100% First Nation owned business: a partnership between Fort William First Nation, Red Rock Indian Band, Pays Plat First Nation, Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, Pic Mobert First Nation and Michipicoten First Nation, and Supercom Industries Ltd., the general partner corporation owned by the same six First Nations. These are the six First Nations along the northern shore of Lake Superior (the "Proximate First Nations") whose collective territories comprise the route of the proposed East West Tie (the "Project”), one of Ontario’s highest priority transmission lines, linking Thunder Bay to Wawa. With an estimated capital cost of $500 million+, the East-West Tie represents a substantial opportunity for economic development in Northern Ontario, unprecedented in recent history.

Aquaculture Development

The Red Rock Indian Band is looking to complete a feasibility study to determine the viability of proceeding with an aquaculture venture. As an indigenous community, the Red Rock Indian Band is in a position to benefit from sustainable aquaculture development due to our resources and special access to aquaculture development sites.  At the end of this study, we may find it is feasible to work towards a vertically integrated model that reflects we could produce our own fingerlings in a land based facility to stock into our own open net pen facilities while at the same time supplying fingerlings to some of the other trout operators within Ontario. The focus of the study will be to compare the different types of aquaculture fish culturing processes that will in the end give the Red Rock Indian Band enough information to make an informed decision to proceed with the development of a business plan. The business plan will clarify our strategy, identify any potential roadblocks, help us decide on what we’ll need in terms of resources, and further evaluate the financial viability of our proposed aquaculture business. Once the business plan has been completed, the next step would be to complete a full environmental assessment on the site.

Marble Quarry Project

In 2007 the Red Rock Indian Band began exploring the opportunity to take over the Ruby Lake Marble Quarry. In 2011 the RRIB submitted a proposal and received funding through AANDC to complete the first phase of a feasibility study. The study, completed in 2012, reported that the quarry is viable but further study would be required. The Red Rock Indian Band is currently working towards obtaining the right permits and funding to complete the next phase, develop a market analysis and to explore possible processing plant opportunities. The Red Rock Indian Band is working on this initiative.