Strategic Goals

Chief, Council, staff, and employees of the Red Rock Indian Band will: 

Improve Internal Communications and Decision Making
Improve communications to ensure all necessary Red Rock Indian Band members are involved in decision making and administrative staff consider all necessary information in making decisions to serve community members effectively. 

Address Organizational Infrastructure Needs
Identify necessary infrastructure needs to meet projected economic growth of the community to allow excellence in service delivery in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and economically viable environment.

Improve Organizational Design
Continue to build the band administrative organization to ensure it meets the projected economic growth of the community allowing for the most effective and efficient use of resources while providing quality service delivery to community members.

Provide Necessary Training
Identify and secure necessary training needs to ensure the best delivery of services to community members.  Training will also account for future community growth and projected employment opportunities within band owned businesses including trades training and formal education.

Build Economic Self-sufficiency
Leverage economic development opportunities identified in the community economic development strategy to ensure necessary funding is secured to allow meeting of community vision for 2022. 

Improve Communication with Community Members and Potential Partners
Develop and implement processes that allow engagement with non-administrative staff by creating partnerships and collaborating with those we serve.