Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Coordinator - Darlene Wawia


The Red Rock Indian Band Restorative Justice program will be a pre-charge diversion program aimed at children and youth who have come into conflict with the law. Restorative Justice is a community based alternative to the traditional justice system. The Restorative Justice Coordinator with the help of community volunteers and Elders will facilitate community justice forums. These forums will bring together the victim, offender and their families and supporters for a discussion about the incident and how the harm can be repaired.

Restorative Justice is based on the idea that a crime is committed not only against an individual, but the community as well. Offenders are encouraged to face the consequences of their actions and victims have a bigger role in the justice process only if they agree to take part. The concept of the Restorative Justice program prioritizes holistic healing and rebalancing relationships after harm has been committed. The risk of re-offending is greatly reduced as this program will help to identify the underlying reasons for the crime being committed. The Red Rock Indian Band is looking to provide an Aboriginal alternative to the mainstream court process that respects our Culture, and offer healing through traditional practises.