Success Stories

Strength. Tradition. Empowerment. These are what success stories from Red Rock Indian Band are all about.

The Red Rock Indian Band was close to third party management in 2005. Through collaboration, the Chief, Council, staff and Community turned the financial situation of the Red Rock Indian Band around in a few short years.

Some of our successes...

  • The RRIB woodlands department was in deficit in 2005. During the course of the forestry industry down-turn and closure of Norampac Mill (2006) and the Multiply Mill burning (2007), the Red Rock Indian Band's woodlands department survived and is still running today.
  • In 2007, the RRIB was awarded approximately $6 million to reconstruct the water treatment plant. The project was completed, on time and on budget. RRIB has an agreement with Ontario First Nations Technical Services to utilize our qualified operators to deliver circuit rider training to surrounding First Nation water treatment plant operators in the north. The Red Rock Indian Band is considered a model community for delivery of clean water.
  • In 2008, the Red Rock Indian Band was awarded funding to provide Fire Prevention services to nine (9) surrounding First Nations. Red Rock Indian Band has had a successful volunteer Fire Department for over 25 years.

The Red Rock Indian Band is a very proactive, economic and business oriented First Nation. Although the Red Rock Indian Band is progressive when it comes to development, Culture, Heritage, and Environmental Stewardship remain of utmost importance to the First Nation. The RRIB continues to partner with numerous First Nations, Government, Industry, Private Sector Companies, Educational Institutions, Organizations and Agencies to complete current projects and establish future goals.

We invite members of Red Rock Indian Band community to submit success stories that highlight the many ways our community is growing stronger and healthier every day.

Our First Nation people are the key to our success stories. Hard work, dedication and a commitment to our traditional values continue to move us forward.

Send your stories via email to:

Economic Development Officer - Melissa McDonald