Strategic Partnership

Red Rock Indian Band works in partnership with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses, organizations, governments, educational institutions, and investors to improve the quality of life for our people.

Together with diverse partners, we pursue and achieve new opportunities through economic development projects as well as through education, training, social, environmental, tourism, creative and other community-focused ventures.

Some of the RRIB partnership developments include:

Lakehead University
  • Regional Experiential Tourism Workshop - 2007
  • Numerous presentations and publications
  • Social and Climate Change Photo Voice Project - 2010-11
  • In 2010 the Red Rock Indian Band and Lakehead University received the "Aboriginal Partnership Research Award" from Lakehead University
Township of Nipigon
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed by our respective community leadership to develop working partnerships
Northshore Network
  • Network of Economic Development and Business Development staff along the north shore of Lake Superior

Red Rock Indian Band seeks partners who want to empower our First Nations people and build profitable businesses based on a two way sharing of knowledge, skills, resources and cultures.  Our approach is to nurture long-standing relationships with strategic partners through mutual trust, respect and equality. We believe this is the right way to future prosperity and success for all.

If you are interested in becoming a meaningful partner of Red Rock Indian Band, we want to hear from you.