Economic Strategic Planning Initiatives


Your voice, ideas and hopes matter!

A strong and vibrant local economy happens through sound planning.  An economic development plan provides a comprehensive overview of the economy, helps set policy direction for economic growth, and identifies strategies, programs, and actions to improve the economy.

In order to ensure all members, have an opportunity to give their opinion towards creating a great plan, we are asking you to take time to provide your input.

There will be a 3-part survey process.  Which means 3 surveys will be required to be completed.  These surveys do not take long to complete.

  1. Values Survey for Value Driven Organizations and Individuals
  2. Strength Weakness Opportunities Threat, SWOT Survey
  3. RRIB Workforce Capacity and Availability Assessment Survey

The data collected will be shared at community sessions in both Red Rock Indian Band and Thunder Bay in the future. Keep an eye on your newsletters, facebook and website for the upcoming community sessions.

Two of the three surveys will be launched Thursday Jan 23, 2020 with a competition Deadline of Feb 07. Your name will be entered into a draw that will take place on Feb. 10th, 2020 for $100 cash for completing 2 of the 3 surveys. These are the values survey and the SWOT survey. Please leave your contact information with and hand in your hard copy surveys to Christine White at the band office by or before the 7th. There are links included below to complete the surveys online.

SWOT SURVEY LINK –                                          

For assistance completing the survey, contact Christine at (807) 708-0539 or leave a message at the band office.

Miigwech in advance for providing your input.

RRIB Chief & Council and Administration
Kirstine Baccar and Team at Superior Strategies.