Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Coordinator - Darlene Wawia


The Red Rock Indian Band is pleased to announce that a Restorative Justice Committee has been formed.

The Committee currently consists of a Full-Time Justice Coordinator and 10 volunteers.


  • Restore a greater degree of responsibility by the community of Lake Helen Reserve and the Township of Nipigon for Red Rock Indian Band Members.

  • Provide an opportunity for offenders to take responsibility for their criminal behavior and to be accountable for their own conduct by actively participating in repairing harm.

  • Demonstrate that the programs can reduce the rate of which Indigenous Participants re-offend in comparison to the rate of Indigenous people re-offend after being convicted and sentence in main stream court.


Red Rock Indian Band Members Youth aged 12-17 and Adults that are charged with a Criminal Offence(s) and Certain Provincial Offences such as the Liquor License Act and Trespass of Property Act and who, who normally resides on Lake Helen Reserve or the Township of Nipigon.


  • Property Offences such as theft, mischief to property, joy riding

  • Fraud such as food and taxi fraud

  • Common Assault

  • Certain offences against the Administration of Justice

Certain offences are NEVER eligible for diversion such as offenses involving serious personal violence, sexual assault, child abuse and Criminal Code offenses such as impaired driving etc.


  • Accused person must accept responsibility for their actions as it relates to the offence(s)

  • Accused must participate in an interview

  • Accused must be willing to address current issues such as addictions, abandonment, grief & loss, loss of identity past family and violence or abuse

  • Accused must be willing to repair harm caused


  • Tell your story

  • Make amends in your own unique way

  • Resolve the incident(s) in a peaceful and kind way

  • Address unresolved issues(s), such as addictions, grief and loss, historical abuse

  • Experience a sense of closure and or healing

For more information contact Justice Coordinator, Darlene P. Wawia at (807)887-2510


Restorative Justice is a community based alternative to the traditional justice system. The Restorative Justice Coordinator with the help of community volunteers and Elders will facilitate community justice forums. These forums will bring together the victim, offender and their families and supporters for a discussion about the incident and how the harm can be repaired.

Restorative Justice is based on the idea that a crime is committed not only against an individual, but the community as well. Offenders are encouraged to face the consequences of their actions and victims have a bigger role in the justice process only if they agree to take part. The concept of the Restorative Justice program prioritizes holistic healing and re-balancing relationships after harm has been committed. The risk of re-offending is greatly reduced as this program will help to identify the underlying reasons for the crime being committed. The Red Rock Indian Band is looking to provide an Aboriginal alternative to the mainstream court process that respects our Culture, and offer healing through traditional practices.