Lands & Resources

Consultation, Lands, Resources and Projects

Director of Lands and Resources - Adam Christensen

The Red Rock Indian Band community members have access to a variety of natural resources in the area. Community members enjoy participating in traditional activities using both traditional and modern technologies. 

Fishing:  Commercial fishing is not done by the Red Rock Indian Band or any of its members. Red Rock Indian Band members do fish on Lake Nipigon. Some members will travel by water and road to fish the Little Jackfish River. Members will also keep fish caught and share their catch with family and other community members. Band members like to fish the Nipigon River as some of the best salmon and speckle trout fishing in the world is experienced in this area. The world’s largest speckled trout was caught in the Nipigon River in 1915. Lake Superior is also a popular fishing location. Band members fish extensively on the East side of Lake Nipigon in the various streams, rivers and lakes. 

Trapping: Many Band members trap a variety of animals including fox, weasel, martin, lynx and bobcat. The trap-line area is also used for hunting, moose being the animal most hunted. 

Hunting: Many Red Rock Indian Band members enjoy hunting. Members hunt all around lake Nipigon, some members hunt the islands on Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior. Members hung both large and small game, then share with family and other community members. 

Plant and Forest Resources: Red Rock Indian Band members collect plan resources, berries and other forest resources throughout the east side of Lake Nipigon from the shores of Lake Superior in the south to Auden in the north, from the islands of Lake Nipigon and Lake Superior and East to Terrace Bay. This is done by a large number of people in the community.