Housing and Properties


Community Asset Manager – Marvin Edwards

Property Manager – Ivy Wawia


There is a total of 109 houses on Lake Helen Reserve. All houses are serviced with water and septic systems. Nine (9) are privately owned, five (5) are rental-units, eleven (11) are Section 96 and eigty-four (84) are band owned. Houses are built annually. Housing applications must be updated annually. Rental Housing Applications are required to be submitted at the time of available housing unit. Applications for band-owned homes are accepted by fax, mail or drop off to the attention of Community Asset Manager

Housing Manager:

The Housing Manager is responsible for the administration, management and delivery of all Band owned housing programs, services and properties within the community of Red Rock Indian Band. The Housing Manager is understanding of, and sensitive to, the needs and circumstances of tenants while at the same time ensuring that policies, procedures and standards are maintained.  The Housing Manager ensures that tenants comply with the terms and conditions of their lease. Failure to successfully complete these tasks could result in delays in occupancy for those in need of community housing, undue damage to housing units and financial and/or program mismanagement for community housing.

Housing Maintenance Tips


Dagwaagin 2022 Sovereign Household Support Program 

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Download and print application here:  Dagwaagin 2022 Sovereign Household Support Program Application



Structures and Housing on Reserve:

There are eight major structures that the Band owns:

  • Professional Building Complex
  • Community Hall
  • Resource Center
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Fire Hall
  • Quonset (garage)
  • St. Sylvester’s Historic Catholic Church
  • The Chalet Lodge

Property Manager:

The Property Manager manages daily customer relationships with different tenants through the coordination of operational activities, marketing, leasing and by representing the building owner to both tenants and the public. The Property Manager protects, maintains and improves the value of the owner’s commercial real estate assets. The Property Manager is responsible for financial return on each property.