Health Services

Medical Services

Health Clerk – Florence Thompson

Community Health Rep – Lucille Lesperance

Mental Health Crisis Coordinator - Candace Tuck

Medical Services

Medical services are provided through the Nipigon District Memorial Hospital. They provide ambulance service and a walk-in medical clinic. 

Medical Van Driver/Relief Medical Van Drivers

This Service provides transportation to and from all medical appointments including: general practitioners, specialists, therapy (as referred by general practitioner or specialist), dental surgery, chiropractor, and optometrist, for those who do not own a family vehicle – prescription drugs will be picked up on regularly scheduled trips.  


Community Health Services

Community health programs focus on various aspects of wellness and health. The Red Rock Indian Band offers a variety of health and wellness services through support workers, health reps and health coordinators. 

Community Health Representative

The Community Health Representative (CHR) is responsible for participating in the delivery of high standard Community Health, treatment and programs in order to provide quality heath prevention and treatment in the community.  As a member of the Health Care Team, he/she is also responsible for liaising between patients, families, the community and health care providers to ensure patients and families understand their conditions and treatment, and are receiving appropriate care.  The incumbent will also educate and monitor the community for general health, and in epidemics and emergencies. Dilico Ojibwe Child and Family Services provide the Band with a Health Nurse who visits weekly. The Health Nurse along with our community Health Representative provides the following:

Reproductive and Newborn Health 

  • Prenatal classes
  • Newborn and postpartum assessments
  • Well baby clinics, immunizations, monitoring and referrals
  • Infant and Preschool Health
  • Well baby and children immunization clinics
  • Preschool assessments include vision, hearing, dental speech and development screening
  • Ongoing education and support to parents
  • Monitoring and referrals

Healthy Children

  • Nutrition, hygiene, exercise and fitness, dental and oral health
  • Safety and accident prevention, normal growth and nutrition, developing positive family relationships and environmental awareness
  • Ongoing screening: vision, hearing speech and dental
  • Monitoring, referrals and immunization updates

Healthy Adolescents:

  • Substance Abuse and Tobacco Use prevention
  • Sexual health education/birth control
  • STD’s & HIV/AIDS awareness education
  • Nutrition & Exercise/fitness strategies
  • Blood pressure & blood sugar screening
  • Home visits & follow-up for chronically ill
  • Immunization updates

Healthy Older Adults

  • Elders program healthy lifestyles/nutrition promotion
  • Health clinics for blood pressure & sugar screening
  • Home visits for follow-up/medication monitoring
  • Referrals to and from long term care management
  • Immunization yearly flu shots
  • Counseling, referrals, liaison and advocacy

Community Long-Term care

Refers to community, personal support and health care services that are required on a periodic or ongoing basis. Services that provide alternatives to institutional care for people who, because of short-term illness, physical challenge, aging or illness need help to function as independently as possible. Dilico Ojibwe Child and Family Services provide for this program. 

Environmental Services

Environmental Services are provided by Health Canada. The representative is responsible for the inspection of septic systems, water treatment plant, spills of dangerous or hazardous materials. They also provide services for animal and pest health issues, Health education and promotion, emergency response, communicable disease and outbreaks, occupational health and safety, community development, safe food handling and quality, environmental contamination and monitoring general sanitation.