Emergency, Fire and Water Services

Emergency Services

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator – Marjorie Robert

Officer - Frank Lesperance

Officer - Lisa Lindstrom

Fire Chief – Larry Hicknell

Fire Protection - Lake Helen Volunteer Fire Department

Deputy Fire Chief - Josh Hardy

Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator establishes a general plan of action for the coordinated response in the event of an emergency or impending emergency to preserve life, health, property and the restoration of essential services. 

Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF)

First Nations Police

Lake Helen Police Department office is located at the RRIB Band Office. In case of emergency, call 911.

Fire Services

Fire Chief – Larry Hicknell

The fire prevention officer is involved in informational and life safety and fire prevention programs for public, commercial and industrial occupancies. The Fire Prevention Officer serves the Red Rock Indian Band as well as the following neighboring communities: Pays Plat First Nation, Fort William First Nation, Pic Mobert First Nation, Michipicoten First Nation, Rocky Bay First Nation, Gull Bay First Nation


  • Inspection of all types of buildings and structures to ensure compliance with prevention regulations
  • Provides public education programs on fire prevention and safety to the community 
  • Works closely with community representatives to assist in accessing fire prevention equipment and programs

Lake Helen Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Protection - Lake Helen Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief – Larry Hicknell

Deputy Fire Chief - Josh Hardy

Fire protection is provided by the Lake Helen Volunteer Fire Department with the help of the Nipigon Fire Department. The Lake Helen Fire department has ten (10) members and is equipped with one pumper truck and a rapid attack vehicle. Volunteers are fully trained in all types of fires and emergencies.

Volunteer Firefighters are responsible for the fighting of fires, salvage, rescue work and some first aid generally under the direct supervision of superior officers. Regular training and some maintenance work on the fire station and vehicles is sometimes required. The Volunteer Firefighters main responsibility is to assist the fire department to ensure that the fire safety needs of Band Members are met. 

Community Education Programs

  • Smoke alarm program
  • Fire extinguisher workshop and training
  • Fire and fall protection for Elders

Public Works & Water Treatment Plant

Public Works Attendant

The Red Rock Indian Band Maintenance and Public Works attendant operates vehicles and equipment to maintain public works within the community. 

Water Treatment Plant Operator

The Water treatment Operator monitors and operates computerized control systems and related equipment in water filtration and treatment to regulate the treatment and distribution of water. The water treatment plant operator is responsible for the water treatment plant in order to ensure that residents have safe and clean water in accordance with federal, territorial and municipal legislation policies and standards.