On August 18, 2017, the Quebec Court of Appeal extended the deadline of the Descheneaux decision to December 22, 2017. This will allow Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to continue processing registration applications until December 22, 2017, while the legislative amendment process continues

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Document Summary:

This enactment amends the Indian Act to provide new entitlements to registration in the Indian Register in response to the decision in Descheneaux c. Canada that was rendered by the Superior Court of Quebec on August 3, 2015, and to provide that the persons who become so intitled also have the right to have their name entered in a Band List maintained by the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.

The Red Rock Indian Band (RRIB) is an Ojibwe First Nation in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The Council is an independent member of Union of Ontario Indians, a Tribal Political Organization. There are 107 homes on reserve with a population of 323 residents. In addition, more than 1500 live off reserve. The traditional Ojibwe name for the Band is Opwaaganasiniing which means pipestone in the locative voice. Read More >


The First Nations Financial Transparency Act requires that 581 First Nations, defined as an Indian band under the Indian Act, make their audited consolidated financial statements and a Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses of chief and council available to their members as well as publish it on a website. The RRIB financial documents include:



Chief and Council Policy and Guidelines can be viewed here